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Notice: Due to the many junk calls per day I had to disconnect the landline telephone. Contact me by e-mail for more information.


Inventory and prices change almost everyday. It is impossible to print or publish a pricelist. Some of my suppliers and subcontractors went out of business during covid causing supply chain issues. 90+% of all parts are in stock.  I hope to have complete helmets and breastplates availabe in the future.....Bob





For many commercial diving applications, the Advanced 2000 diving helmet is your best value. Worlds finest fully adjustable over pressure double exhaust valve keeps the diver dry.  Dive it with a heavy dress, a drysuit, a wetsuit or no suit at all! Rugged construction means long service life & low maintainence costs.  Most helmets are still on the job after decades of use.


Economically priced. No regulator.  No face seal.  No oral nasal mask. No side block. You never replace parts that don't exist.  Helmet is slightly positive or negativly buoyant depending on your head size. Optional breastplate allows use with a deep sea divers dress.


Since 1988 Able Marine has manufactured, sold & serviced the advanced 2000 airhat.  Designed by George Swindell and later sold by Beckman and Divers Exchange ( Divex USA ) they have a unmatched 50 year safety record.


Many people refer to it as a "Swindell diving helmet" although it has always been marketed as the "Advanced model 2000 commercial diving helmet".


Proudly built in the USA.  Able Marine does all fiberglass, machine work & even sewing of wetsuit neoprene in-house. We also service dive phones. Fast turn around time on custom work.








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